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Top Breakup Movies

People often appeal to movies as well as music when they would like to forget a drama that happened in their life. Movie critics as well as specialists managed to come up with a detailed list of top breakup movies that can help us get over a similar happening. Those who would like to live out their rage, sad or cheer fantasies through the most spectacular film production will have the chance to choose from the following movies. Devote some time to recreation and spend a few precious hours in front of your TV, watching some of the most inspiring movies with great actors and memorable scenes that entered the Hall of Fame of cinematography.

Top Breakup Movies

An unfortunate breakup can be often a real ordeal if we ran out of any methods and tricks to get over it. Scientists claim that movies as well as music are some of the most efficient methods to get over a drama in our life. These work by the 'cathartic' pattern which presupposes that the audience puts him/herself in the role of the character and tries to solve some serious issues. Pop culture fortunately managed to furnish the audience with memorable and heart-warming movie productions that feature great and award-winning actors and actresses. Their unique performance as well as the story of the film manage to take us into a faraway realm of fiction that might have ghostly resemblances with the real world. Those who are film devourers and would like to spend their afternoon with a constructive and at the same time chilling activity can appeal to the top breakup movies that appeared in the industry. Comedies and dramas are just as popular among those who crave for a solution in order to come to terms with a similar event in their private life. These are the most prominent production in this category:

No.5 “The Wedding Singer”

  • Romantic and funny scenes are fused into a fabulous production in the movie The Wedding Singer. The movie features Drew Barrymore as well as the super-hilarious Adam Sandler. The main character Robbie Hart is jilted right at the day of his wedding and falls in despair. However Julia (Drew Barrymore) manages to save him with a request of helping her in the organization of her own wedding. As the plot line proceeds Robbie find out that he feels more for Julia than friendship therefore he wants to confess. However apparently it is too late as Julia is already dressed in her wedding gown and plans to marry Glenn, who by the way is cheating on her. The happy end is guaranteed, therefore it is one of the best cheer up movies that an help you get over breakup.

  • No.4 "Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind"

  • One of the heart-wrecking and at the same time enchanting movies that features Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as protagonists. The 2004 movie scripted by Charlie Kaufman relates the story of Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski who have a disturbed and complicated relationship and intense chemistry. However it seems that something goes wrong, and he decides to erase all the memories of this disaster relationship and start all over again. The memories just seem to disappear in a quick tempo until nothing remains only the slight trace of Clementine's words of meeting Joel in Mantouk. Though it is quite a complex movie it still has all that is needed for a spectacular Romance movie. A more special happy ending is expected making the Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind one of the most impressive movies of the decade.

  • No.3 "High Fidelity"
  • Are your eager to listen to some high quality pop music as well as find out more about the story of Rob Gordon who related his own life story from flirts to affairs with endless number of women all singular and fabulous characters. The movie features John Cusack in the leading role as well as Jack Black (Barry) and Dick (Todd Louiso) as the best friends and working colleague who are real music freaks and pinpoint the importance and high brow aura of the movie soundtrack and music in general. The film is a real picaresque in which Rob tries to decipher the female way of thinking by getting in touch with the past girlfriends and finding out what went wrong. Besides the comical aspect you'll find here some serious and thought provoking scenes.

  • No.2 "The Break-Up"

  • Did you think that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in the same movie would make up the perfect recipe for the best Romantic movie or comedy. Indeed all these are present in The Break-Up that presents the relationship of Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Aniston). At first it might seem idyllic and funny still the underlayer masks some serious issues we might have to face in real life and our fragile relationships. The battle between the sexes continues with various and super-ingenious tricks and pranks, while both of them live in the same apartment.

  • No.1. "500 Days of Summer"
  • Are you eager to find out the best recipe for an apparently but still NOT romance movie. The 500 Days of Summer provides you with laughs and tears in order to release the accumulated stress that might have ruined your mood lately. The comical script and the more serious and subtle scenes managed to bring the movie a generous award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The film features rising lauerate actors as Zooey Deschanel( as Summer) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt(as Tom). The interesting and blurred plotline is further completed with the surprising lamentation of the exquisite characters. The romantic scenes are softened with jokes and funny scenes as well as a drop of drama.

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