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Sherlock Holmes The Movie

The classic character of the shrewd and ingenious investigator is revived in 'Sherlock Homes. The Movie' produced and directed by Guy Ritchie. The fascinating detective stories aim to echo the revolutionary contribution of Arthur Conan Doyle's to modern thrillers and detective movies and series. Guy Ritchie succeeds in furnishing the audience with a remarkable plot and visual effect parade further upgraded by the spectacular performance of great names in cinema industry as Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Cinemaphiles will be thrilled to watch this modern adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes adventures created by one of the most promising directors of our time, Guy Ritchie.

Plot of Sherlock Holmes

The story begins with the introduction of the main characters 'in medias res' in the heat of their act to prevent a ritual of human sacrifice requested and led by the all time villain Lord Blackwood. This is the moment when Sherlock Homes with the assistance of Watson steps onto the stage and prevents the occurrence of a tragedy. However the police soon allies with them and arrest the notorious criminal and the scene is saved by the joined force of both authority and private investigators. Blackwood is soon condemned to death by execution, three months later.

Meanwhile Holmes follows a passive daily routine and is worried by the lack of any mysteries to solve. It turns out that he'll also lose Watson, the all time partner due to his ambitions to launch a new business and marry the enchanting Mary Morstan. After the execution of Blackwood, a real event Holmes also participated to, a new page starts in his life which is signaled by the encounter with the alluring Irene Adler, a well-known criminal in the crime business.

The execution of Blackwood didn't go according to textbook style, eye witnesses claimed that the tomb of the criminal was destroyed and soon after that Lord Blackwood was seen to depart from the scene. Earlier, Holmes is supposed to find a red-haired midget to the request of Miss Adler. The searched man however is found in the tomb of the scoundrel. This is the triggering factor that stimulates Holmes to decipher the mystery that surrounds the apparent death of Blackwood. The real action of the movie starts with the investigation of the main evidence by the two detectives, an act that seems to further strengthen their partnership and implicitly the special bond that ties them all throughout the years.

With a few fascinating scenes later, Holmes is taken by a secret society that appeals to his help to find Blackwood and neautralize his destructive force. Similarly to the traditional stories, Guy Ritchie manages to illustrate Holmes' strong principles when it comes of honor. Therefore he refuses to continue the investigation in exchange of any rewards. Instead launches a 'two-man project together with Watson to find the perpetrator, who it turns out is in fact the son of the leader of the secret society, Sir Thomas.

The following days are spent with the careful tracking of Blackwood's main crimes, which serve the purpose of strengthening the force of the secret order and occupy the United States that was suffering due to the devastation of the Civil War. Soon it turns out that the antihero's power grew to an extent that he is able to convince the police to arrest Holmes. The masking process starts and the private investigator manages to prove his ability to blend into the crowd. The secret society aims to use supernatural forces and tie the murdered members of the society to the three main symbols of power: eagle, man and ox, the last and missing one is the lion.

This stands in fact for the Parliament, therefore the main aim of Blackwood is to annihilate the members with the help of cyanide, flooding the chambers of the Parliament with this fatal substance. The story peaks in the fascinating battle of Holmes against Blackwood having Miss Adler as the all time 'femme fatal', who should be also rescued with the ingenuity of the main hero. The scene culminates with the death of Blackwood and the rescue of Adler by Holmes.

Cast and Crew

The groundbreaking perspective of Guy Ritchie about tradition and modern detective story is best illustrated in 'Sherlock Holmes'. The plotline as well as the personality of characters aim to turn back to the basics and stay true to the myth created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Those who are familiar with the novels will be able to identify a miraculous resemblance with the old time characters as well as set of values and principles shepherded by Watson and Sherlock Holmes. In spite of the spectacular and visionary adaptation, the 'RocknRolla', 'Snatch' and 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' director fulfilled the need of contemporary audience to witness action fused with literature. The cast and the crew offers the special support for the revival of the classic story with the contribution of great performances intertwined with the stunt acts and human conflicts. Guy Ritchie sought to pay tribute to the genuine talent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by offering a real blockbuster that would find its place in the movie history due to the plausible portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and the cultural heritage he left behind to the upcoming generations of writers and movie directors.
  • Directed by: Guy Ritchie
  • Written by: Anthony Peckham, Michael Robert Johnson

  • Cast
  • Robert Downey Jr.(Sherlock Holmes)
  • Jude Law(Dr. John Watson)
  • Rachel McAdams(Irene Adler)
  • Kelly Reilly(Mary Morstan)
  • Mark Strong(Lord Blackwood)
  • Eddie Marsan(Inspector Lestrade)
  • Hans Matheson(Lord Coward)

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