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Best Vampire Movies

The myth and stories of the dark side flooded the box offices in the past years. Indeed vampires seem to mesmerize people with their mysterious and instinctual character. Whether the story concentrates on the romance thread or is filled with action the point is to find our more about this hidden mythology of supernatural and eerie creatures. Vampires along with other creatures of the night managed to attract the attention and veneration of millions. Some would still refute their existence other would be keen to explore the real life origin of similar stories. More than ever entertainment is keen to furnish the audience with the best vampire movies of all time. These productions featuring great stars would serve as the best documentation for those who feel intrigued by the realm of Vampires.

Best Vampire Movies

Creating a detailed and fascinating repertoire of the latest as well as classic vampire movies might be a real challenge.Zombies, mummies as well as ghost and more prominently Vampires managed to enter the common sense through the most impressive and visually pleasing movies that lead the top of blockbusters. From the classic “Interview With the Vampire” to the uber-popular “Twilight” series all aim to depict a mysterious and queer world that would presuppose serious dangers for those who are eager to explore it. More and more fans regardless of age and gender as well as country manage to have free access to these films, therefore it is important to offer the audience a brief presentation and top of the best vampire movies of all time. If you are intrigued and mesmerized by the world of Bella, Edward as well as Lestat skim through the following selection.

No.5 “Underworld”(2003)
The movie directed by the acclaimed Len Wiseman and staring respected actors as Scott Speedman, Kate Beckinsale, Michael Sheen as well as Shane Brolly. The plot concentrates on the battle between Vampires represented by Selena (Kate Beckinsale) and the troop of werewolves also called Lycans. The movie portrays the war between two species of the dark side fighting over the life of a human, Michael Corvin(Scott Speedman). Soon the Lycans will take advantage of their power to contaminate Michael and bite him. The story further on will portray the inner ordeal of Selene who is puzzled by her affection towards the human species and especially this one who slowly turns into a Lycos. Moreover the main character will be also tortured by the decision of going against his own kind in order to save this man. Due to the success of the first episode the directors decided to extend the story and this way ,Underworld Evolution (2006) and Underworld:Rise of the Lycans(2009) were released the series goes further on.

No.4 “Blade”(1998-2002)
The “Blade” series starting from 1998 all way to 2004 presents the story of Blade(Wesley Snipes) the Vampire who is eager to fight against his own kind in no less than 3 episodes: “Blade I”, “Blade II”, and “Blade: Trinity” featuring Ryan Reynolds as well as Jessica Biel. The series portrays the story of the “daywalker” Vampire who is eager to hunt the bad guys with professional and super-ingenious weapons created by his mentor Abraham Whistler( Kris Kristofferson). The enemies change in the three episodes as well as the partners and helpers. Fighting against the rise of the Vampire anarchy Blade manages to annihilate the leader of the risings and win the war proving his human legacies and combating hunger with various methods.

No.3 “Interview With the Vampire”(1994)
Those who long for class and at the same time en enjoyable insight into the world of Vampires will be thrilled to watch the quintessential and trademark “Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles” movie. Besides the endless list of laureate and uber-professional actors as: Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt as well as Kristen Dunst and Christian Slater you'll be also granted with a once in a lifetime experience that portrays the realm of Vampires as it is seen from the 1st person narrative in the life of Louise(Brad Pitt). The interview is realized by a reporter, Daniel Malloy(Christian Slater). The public will have the chance to find out the tortured and rugged life of Louis who is turned into a Vampire after the death of his family and all the basic steps to become a real member of this mysterious kind. The movie is based on the novel written by the fore-mother of Vampire novels Ann Rice entitled: Interview With The Vampire”.

No.2 “Twilight Saga”(2008-2010)
The Twilight movie barely needs any presentation as it launched a real craze among teens as well as the ones who were always fascinated by the sensual and less action-filled aspect of this mysterious kind. Lacking the blockbuster battle scenes, and concentrating on the blooming and at times tormented relationship between Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson) a Vampire and Bella Swan(Kristen Stewart) a human. The battle against Vampires is also presented through the struggle of the young Edward to protect Bella from the attack and rage of bad vampires. Based on the novel of Stephenie Meyer the Twilight series features 3 episodes released since 2010: Twilight(2008), The Twilight Saga: New Moon, as well as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse(2010).

No.1 “Queen of the Damned”(2002)
Ann Rice undoubtedly has a great influence on the world of entertainment offering endless creative ideas on how to make the audience acquainted with this mysterious kind. Vampires again offer a cathartic experience in the movie “Queen of the Damned”(2002) staring Aaliyah in the main role as well as (Charlize Theron ex-sweetheart) Stuart Townsend as Lestat. The memorable and immortalized picture of the world of Vampires presented in the move launched a real craze among fans of supernatural. At one point the novel of Ann Rice was considered a real epic of the ones who are eager to follow and decipher the hidden world of these eerie creatures. The movie soundtrack combined with the intriguing plot that presents the intention of Lestat the Vampire to awake and invoke Akasha(Aaliyah) as the Queen of the Damned who'll manage to perpetuate and spread this suppressed kind. The movie production led by Michael Rymer still leads the top of classic Vampire Movies all over the world.

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