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The revolution of cinematography is best illustrated through 'Avatar', an at least said movie that combines the most shocking virtual effects with fascinating twists and an endless color palette. Undoubtedly the 14 years sweat drops of James Cameron have stolen the show and especially the heart of sci-fi devourers. The last decades served him with time and the proper technologies to create a similar symphony of fiction and dystopic visions. The film industry kept its breath till the end of the production and millions of video game and 'Terminator as well as Alien fans were kept in the torturing suspense until the movie release. Enter the realm of Avatar through some basic details on plot and production.

Plot of Avatar

Some would openly contradict critics when they express their displease regarding the lack of a refined plot that would serve as the base for the production of the film. It is a fact that James Cameron didn't engaged into the quest for the essence of life and other philosophical dilemmas. Concentrating on the visionary aspect, he managed to breath life into his wildest fantasy of imaginary creatures and a lost world. The world of Pandora is revealed to us as in 2154 a paraplegic war veteran Jake Sully engages into a fascinating and challenging mission which turns out to be in fact a mining expedition. The adventure targets the treasure which surrounds the whole territory of Pandora called 'unobtanium'. The Na'vi who live in this environment are taller and much stronger than humans.

Though the air is unbearable and toxic for strangers, this tribe can still live in total harmony with nature worshiping their God called Eywa. The twist comes when Jake adopting an Avatar identity immerses into the secret culture and falls in love with the native still alien and remember, blue skinned Neytiri. Besides adopting a similar feline-like character Jake also leaves instead of his dead twin brother real avatar specialists. Avatars as it turns out from the project of Dr.Grace Augustine(Sigourney Weaver) are humanoid hybrids created by humans and have the same genetic combination as some of the operators. This projects in fact aims to narrow the distance between the two cultures still turns out to be a real disaster.

To the greatest surprise of the audience Jake while securing the safety of explorers is attacked by a large predator which generates his breakaway from the crew. However the story is far from being at the peak since he is soon rescued by the beguiling and at the same time intriguing Neytiri(Zoe Saldana)a member of the Na'vi tribe. The mariner is soon introduced into the most precious rituals of the dwellers and weaves a special bond with the young girl who saved his life. Three months pass and Jake lives an edenic life.

The explorer refuse to accept his refusal to further take part in the project and decide to annihilate Hometree. The natives are given a few days to disappear from the land rich in earthly and heavenly treasure. The series of conflicts related to Jake's apparent betrayal and Dr. Augustine's death all further polish the plotline. The happy end is provided by Neytiri who saves Jake an their love is finally fulfilled and blooming.

Avatar Impressions

The mastermind behind this alien vs. humans fantasy is James Cameron who manages to shock and enchant the public every once on a while with movies as 'The Terminator' as well as 'Titanic' that unequivocally enter the history of cinematography with the speed of the light.

Sci-fi seems to find a precious place in the director's heart, which ultimately made him return to basics and devote no less than 14 years from his life to Avatar. Visual effects battle with sound ones, and the clash is unquestionably a 'titanic' one and its echoes can be heard all over the world. Millions of fans let themselves hypnotized by the 3D world of Pandora.

James Cameron with his high-pro team managed to use this revolutionary technique of fusing real life with fantasy which will pave the yellow-brick road to other directors. Indeed the movie just can't strip off the effects-centered perspective still it seems that creators managed to weave romance into the fatal battle of the two worlds.

The love of Kae and Neytiri, the warioress portrayed by Zoe Saldana is undoubtedly one of a kind and vibrates some of the remains of the Titanic style Jack and Rose forbidden love. Ladies and fans starving for emotions could relive the carefully shepherded 'omnia vincit amor' style plotline.

Cast and Crew

The crew worked together on this epic all throughout the production aided by the spectacular talent of appreciated and awarded actors and actresses. From the red carpet and award-winning Sigourney Weaver to the rising starlet Zoe Saldana all contributed to the portrayal of the gentle female characters. While Sam Worthington in the role of Jake Sully as well as Stephen Lang play a crucial role in fulfilling the main parts in the action line. All these respected and additional partakers managed to turn this revolutionary creation, though not flooded with most-requested and well-known Hollywood guru stars, into a youthful and experimentalist movie.
  • Directed by: James Cameron
  • Written by: James Cameron

  • Cast
  • Sam Worthington (Jake Sully)
  • Zoe Saldana (Neytiri)
  • Sigourney Weaver (Dr. Grace Augustine)
  • Stephen Lang(Colonel Miles Quaritch)
  • Joel Moore (Norm Spellman)
  • Michelle Rodriguez (Trudy Chacon)
  • Giovanni Ribsi (Parker Selfridge)

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